Lets ask you a question - when did you last have your carpet cleaned? For many the answer is either a long time ago or perhaps even never, yet your carpet is at the heart of your home.

Our professional and accredited staff are able to clean your carpet to get rid of the dirt and grime that lurks beneath the surface. Having your carpet cleaned on a regular basis is good not just from a hygiene point of view but it makes your home feel much fresher and cleaner. If you have pets don’t worry, all of the cleaning products we use are pet friendly.

One of the keys things to note is that if a carpet is very worn or if it has stains on it a decision sometimes has to be made as to whether it is worth spending the money on to get the carpet cleaned. We help you with this by visiting your home initially to have a look to ensure that we can meet your expectations on what you want to achieve - if we feel that what you are looking for is not possible or that the carpet has seen better days we will tell you so that you don’t waste your money. Our main aim is to ensure that you are happy with the quality of our work and provided we feel that your expectations can be met your carpet will be given the treatment that it deserves!

In addition to having your carpet cleaned for the first time, we are also able to offer a regular cleaning programme should you so wish. We recommend that your carpets are cleaned at least once a year and we will send you a reminder when the time comes so that you stay on top of keeping everything in good shape. Most people tell us that having a reminder is useful as this is the type of job that many of us don’t get round to organising very often.

What We Offer

  • A free pre booking visit to look at your carpet to assess its condition to avoid you wasting money if the carpet has seen better days and really needs to be replaced
  • An honest opinion about the chances of success in the removal of any stains that may be on the carpet
  • Professional and accredited staff to deal with the carpet clean for you