Terms & Conditions

Responsibilities of the Company

  • The Company will not provide a cleaner for less than 2 hours per visit
  • Whilst every effort will be made to keep the number of hours to a minimum, should the time allocated not be sufficient to finish the work this will be discussed. In such a situation the Customer will be able to choose between either increasing the number of hours to allow us to complete the work in full or keep to the same number of hours and agree with us what tasks are to be completed and which ones are to be excluded from the schedule
  • The Company will be not be able to work at heights of more than 2 metres and we are not able to do external window cleaning. However, we are able to clean windows inside your property subject to the height limit of 2 metres not being exceeded
  • Notice of price changes will be provided in writing 1 month in advance
  • The minimum notice period to terminate the service is 4 weeks on the Company’s side provided payments are up to date. If payments are not up to date the Company reserves the right to cease the service with immediate effect
  • However, for the first 4 scheduled cleans the service can be ended by either the company or the customer immediately. The 4 week notice period will apply after the date of the first 4 scheduled cleans has been reached. Should there be any cancellations during the initial 4 scheduled cleans an extension to the end date of the trial period is at the discretion of the Company
  • To provide a cleaner at each scheduled time, and if the cleaner is going to be away, to arrange for a replacement so that the service schedule is maintained. However, please note that this is subject to availability and a charge would not be levied for the scheduled visit should a replacement not be available
  • If a cleaner cannot be provided due to sickness or short term emergency situations relating to the cleaner, the Company will endeavour to provide a replacement. However, this is again subject to availability and if we are unable to provide you with a replacement at a suitable day and time for you no charges for that scheduled visit would be applied
  • To ensure that the Company holds and maintains an Insurance Policy relating to cleaning activities (full details of our insurance can be found on Checkatrade.com under Ela’s Cleaning and Ironing Services Limited)

Responsibilities of the Customer

  • To pay the invoice for the works completed within 14 calendar days of its issue date
  • To provide the cleaning equipment and materials for each visit and to ensure that they are kept kept in good supply
  • All equipment provided must be safe to use (for example, no bare wires on electrical items etc). No liability will rest with the company if equipment stops working due to mechanical failure unless it had not been used in accordance with the manufacturers instructions by us
  • To allow access to the property at the times pre agreed
  • For cancellations of a clean at less than 1 weeks notice, the full cleaning charge will be levied (this includes customer holidays). However, if more than 1 weeks notice has been provided no charge will be applied
  • You can cancel the service immediately during the first 4 scheduled cleans from when the service is first used. The notice period required thereafter will be 4 weeks. Should there be any cancellations during the first 4 scheduled cleans an extension to the end date of the trial period is at the discretion of the Company
  • In the event where a breakage or any damage has been discovered following a clean and you have not been pre-notified by us, this should be reported immediately by contacting the Director of the Company, Ela Harrington, by phone, e-mail or text (mobile number 07851 762563 and e-mail address is elaharrington@virginmedia.com). The matter would then be immediately investigated by us as such a situation would be outside of our Company policy which we would take very seriously


  • If the amounts owed are not paid on time, that being within 14 days of the issue of an invoice at the month end, the Company has the option to suspend the service with immediate effect